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THE HUNTED!!! Rewards! Information! Do you know of, or have information that could possibly solve a crime? That ONE tip from the right viewer, regardless of it's seeming insignificance, could be extremely important to an investigation.

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Old 08-09-2005, 12:15 AM
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Exclamation Who Is The I-45 Serial Killer?

The I-45 Serial Killings of Houston, Texas

Most of the motives for the multiple serial killers on I-45 seem to be simple cases of rape, sexual abuse and murder. The victims often disappeared while out alone, then weeks or months later turning up dead. Thus leaving no hint as to their attacker's identity typically. The too well-publicized cases were in 1997 when 1st little Laura Smither who was 12 disappeared while jogging near her home. The horrific fate of this girl and her disappearance came to an end, when her decapitated body was found in a pond almost three weeks later. The 2ed when Jessica Lee Cain who was 17 vanished leaving just her empty pickup truck parked on the shoulder of I-45. She is still missing. There are many cases of lost females in and around Houston, their fates are lost to us.

There are around 200 unsolved murders of women and girls in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Since 1971 when the first victim was killed there has been a blood stain on I-45 Galveston County to Harris County. The ages of the victims range from nine to seventy-seven. These females have been killed in numerous ways and logic points to any number of suspects. Meaning that Houston has a rash of Serial Killers, not only one. Much of the evidence also points to any number of suspects and there are gaps in the time line of bodies found. So even though one suspect is watched by police or even caught, there is still much to fear in the Bayou City. The places these victims were taken from and the way they were killed or in some cases these victims vanished. This also points to more than one killer and this opens up questions as to who they are. Is Interstate 45 and other areas around the area known to killers as a convenient dumping ground? Are there partners in crime working together? Why are there years when no females abducted or murdered? How many killers were and are still lurking in this 50 mile area between Houston and Galveston? How many more victims will be added to the list of dead or missing? These are some really scary stats and the media has been playing them down since the very start. There are far too many unsolved crimes in and around this part of Texas. Something is very wrong when crime of this nature goes on for so long without most of the puplic knowing it. When the media does report on these crimes they do so as all these crimes stand alone and move on to the next story. Is it because they do not wish to alarm the puplic or is it that they don't want the area look bad? Perhaps because they would lose business and tourist, thus lossing money. What kind of progress can a ever growing city and beach resorts make with unsolved crime in it's shadows? When females in these areas keep ending up brutally killed and missing? The patchwork of jurisdictions makes it easy to cloak activities simply by crossing the city limits for these predators. Computer analysis of the areas and what decades where bodies have been found, shows patterns of evidence. These patterns point to many killers and the victims taken also point to this as well. While investigators believe there are a least a dozen serial killers living in or around the city. Perhaps some just passing through this death zone on a regular basis from other places. It rages from an elderly woman was taken from her home, to prostitutes working the streets and children. Females abducted from the motels, convenient stores, coaxed from nightclubs, neighborhoods, malls, school and so on. Methods of murder rage from headwounds, severe beatings and many methods of strangulation.
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