Michael Jackson's child-molestation trial

Robert Blake Murder Trial

Trial Of Scott Peterson

Charged in the double murders of his wife Laci, and Conner, their unborn baby son

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Press Updates - All information about current court matters, media requirements, courtroom seating, parking, etc. are being handled by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Department, the Redwood City Police Department and other agencies. This site will remain online as a convenience for members of the press who wish to access court records pertaining to previous hearings held in Stanislaus County.

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Scott's Idiosyncracies

Presumed Guilty

Lawrence Singleton - UPDATE!

Lawrence Singleton, a drunken killer who in 1978 raped Mary Vincent, and hacked off the Las Vegas teen's arms before leaving her near death in a culvert near Sacramento, Calif., has recently died in prison.

Trial Of David Westerfield - Convicted of murdering 7 year old Danielle van Dam of Sabre Springs (San Diego) California in 2002.

Charles Manson and "Family" Charles Manson Victims - A glimpse into the absolute horror of the more than 35 year old murders at the Sharon Tate/Roman Polanski and the Leno and Rosemary LaBianca homes in August of 1969. WARNING!!! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PHOTOS depicting the carnage that Charles Manson and his "family" members inflicted on innocent victims are shown. Some of the photos are gruesome and shocking, and are posted as reference to be used for forum discussion purposes only; in hopes that those unbelievably cruel and heartless members of "the Manson family" NEVER re-enter society again.

Famous Trials - Among the trials to be added to this site in 2004 are the Louis Riel Trial (1885) and the Lizzie Borden Trial (1893).

1807 The Aaron Burr Trial -The defendant, Aaron Burr, founding father, Vice President, and slayer of Alexander Hamilton in their famous duel 3 years earlier; the trial judge, John Marshall, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court (the most important justice in history); supporting the prosecution, Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and president of the US; defense attorneys, Edmund Randolph and Luther Martin, delegates to the Constitutional Convention and prosecutors-- Charles Lee, former Attorney General, and William Wirt, future presidential candidate.

Trial of Adolf Eichmann -- The crimes covered 12 years. 2000 documents were submitted, verified, numbered, accepted or rejected. Witnesses spoke Hebrew, Yiddish, German, Polish, English, and more. For 2/3rds of the Trial, the prosecution piled on evidence of the hell from the Urals to the Pyrenees, the Baltic to the Mediterranean ruled by Eichmann.
The Trial of John Peter Zenger

Patricia Hearst Case - Patricia Hearst Links
Profile of Judge James Horton. Jr., Scottsboro Judge
Profile of James Horton, the judge who courageously set aside the jury's finding of guilty in one of the infamous Scottsboro Boys trials. Essay, documents, images, links.

Scopes Trial Home Page - UMKC School of Law
A site dedicated to the explication of the Scopes Monkey Trial

The Alger Hiss Case
1948,The Alger Hiss Case. Links to a variety of sources.


Salem Witchcraft Trials The Amistad Case

Legends and Famous Stories - Famous stories, fun stories, famous trials, legends of history. 

Famous Court of Law Trials

Norris vs. Alabama - Supreme Court announced their decision unanimously holding the Alabama system of jury selection unconstitutional.

The People and C., Respondent, v. Joel Steinberg, Appellant
Actual copy of the appeal filed by Steinberg for the manslaughter conviction he received for the death of his child, Lisa

Famous US and World Trials

The Trial of Joan of Arc (1431)
The Trial of Martin Luther (1521)
The Trial of Sir Thomas More (1535)
The Trial of Charles I (1649)
The Bounty Mutineers Court Martial (1792)
The Trials Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (1792-93)
The Case of Alfred Dreyfus (1894 and 1899)
The Trial of Gandhi (1922)
The ("Beer Hall Putsch") Trial of Adolf Hitler (1924)
The Nelson Mandela Trial (1963-64)

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The Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti

Other Famous Trials

US Supreme Court MIRANDA v. ARIZONA , 384 U.S. 436 (1966) . On June 13, 1966, the Supreme Court issued its landmark Miranda vs. Arizona decision, ruling that criminal suspects must be informed of their constitutional rights prior to questioning by police.

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