Responsibilities and duties of a Moderator

Do I qualify to be a moderator?

In order to be a volunteer moderator, you need to be a daily visitor to the message board. You should be reliable and willing to provide us with some information about yourself, including your real name, location and e-mail address.

What's my job as a moderator?

Your job is to assist the forum Administrator/s. Your main duties are listed below:

• Move, close, merge, split, delete and edit threads when appropriate.
• Alert the Admin/s to inappropriate posts and/or members who chronically break the Rules.
• Help mediate any arguments between members and be available to answer general questions from them.
• Keep conversations flowing in your assigned forum.

What is an 'inappropriate post?'

An inappropriate post is one that transmits any defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening or illegal material or any form of dialog that negatively discusses Crimeshots' members or members of any other true crime forum. Also, inappropriate, would be the posting of material that infringes on the ability of others to enjoy the forum or that infringes on the rights of others. The moderator has the power to allow more - or less - leeway if he or she deems it appropriate. Entire threads can be closed, moved or even deleted, individual posts can be split from the original thread and moved or removed, members can be banned.

What are the powers of a Moderator?

Moderators can close, move, top, split, merge, bump and even delete an entire thread if necessary. Initially this may sound very complex and technical but it is actually quite easy. If in doubt please ask the admin before doing something. A deleted thread cannot be recovered.

Bump. Put an older thread back to the top of the list. This is different from "top" as the thread will not remain at the top always but will move down over time like all others. (threads are sorted by the time/date of the last post).

Close. Close a thread. No more posting.

Delete. It's gone for good.

Move. Moves a thread to a new/different forum (with or without a redirect)

Merge. Merges two threads into one.

Split. Split one or more messages of a thread to form a new thread. Can be moved to a different forum afterwards.

Sticky. Also known as "pin". Puts a thread at the top of a forum.

Under what circumstances can I delete a post or thread?

If the post or entire thread is clearly a violation of the rules and common sensibilities then the decision is easy - into the trash it goes. However, most of the time it is not that easy. In cases like this is is best to discuss it with the other moderators.

For minor offences - e.g. tone of a thread getting out of hand, argumentative, you may want to simply post a message at the end of the thread stating that members should be more civil to one another and then close the thread. Please also report this in the Moderators forum so the rest know about it.

What if I'm not sure if a post should be removed?

In most cases, the best form of action if you are not 100% sure is to move the post without a redirect, to the Moderators forum and discuss it with the other Moderators first. If the decision is made to delete it good and well. If the decision is made to move it back no harm done.

NB: When moving threads to and from the moderators/Staff forum this must always be done without leaving a redirect in the forum from which it came.

What screen name should I use when acting as a moderator?

You can keep your existing screen name or register a new one for when you are wearing your moderators hat. It's up to you.

How many moderators are there per forum?

There is no fixed number. There could be one, there could be more. It all depends on how busy our forum gets.

General Guidelines for Moderators


Various Roles and Duties of Our Moderators


peer discussion participant, mediator


administrator, archivist, deleting/adding subscribers, dealing with bounced messages


deciding upon on-topic posts; increasing signal/noise ratio; rejects libelous posts; may reject jokes


compiling or answering Frequently Asked Questions; expert in the list’s topic


text editor, digest posts, formats posts, may correct spelling, grammar, newsletter editor


poses questions or otherwise promotes discussion, keeps discussion "on track"


promotes/explains list to potential subscribers or promotes sponsor of list


helps people with needs in the list’s focus area–more general than expert


douses or rejects "flames" or protests ad hominem attacks

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