JonBenét Ramsey Crime Scene Photos

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JonBenét's Bedroom

JonBenét's bed as it was on December 26th, 1996

JonBenét's Bed


The extra bed in her room

The "mysterious" Santa Bear


JonBenét's pageant trophies

Another of her bedroom

The loom that was in the floor of her room the morning she was discovered missing

John and Patsy's bedroom

Burke's Room

The hall leading to the "wine cellar" with "wine cellar" door in back

Where John discovered her body at around 1pm on December 26, 1996


The basement window with the Samsonite suitcase under it

911 call was made from this phone

Suitcase with blanket and Dr. Seuss book inside



Patsy's Paint tote where the broken paintbrush was stored


The hallway and the spiral staircase where Patsy claims to have found the "ransom note"


Another shot of the suitcase under the window


Another view of the basement

Lou Smit's demonstration of how someone could enter or exit that window.



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"Hi - Tech" shoe print similiar to the one found beside JonBenét's body

The Tragic Little Pageant Princess

1990 - 1996

Actual Boot Print

Actual Boot Print  (Crime Scene Photo)

Actual Boot Print

Actual Boot Print  (Crime Scene Photo)



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