View From 10050 Cielo Drive

Front Of Home Which Reflects A Glimpse Of The Awesome View Of Los Angeles Depicted In The Top Photo

Aerial View Of 10050 Cielo Drive

Blue Truck (Bottom Right) Is At The Gate Entrance Of 10050 Cielo Drive

Pool Just Outside The Master Bedroom

10050 Cielo Drive Living Room (Back View)

10050 Cielo Living Room As It Appeared In 1969

Sharon Tate In Guest Bedroom At 10050 Cielo Drive

Roman and Sharon

The Kitchen Entrance

Dining Room At 10050 Cielo Drive

Taking A Call

Sharon, Relaxing At 10050 Cielo Drive, Which She Described As Her "Love House"

Sharon and Roman In The "Fearless Vampire Killers"

Roman and Sharon During Filming

Sharon and Roman

Roman and Sharon Laughing It Up

In London

"Sharon was so in love with her pregnancy, I'd pour a glass of wine and she wouldn't touch it." - Roman Polanski

Mr. and Mrs. Roman Polanski

Sharon and Roman Caught By The Camera Man



Sharon and Roman, Appearing Content And Happy

Roman and Sharon At Home In A Candid Moment

Sharon and Roman 1969

Sharon, Radiant And Beautiful In Her Last Stage Of Pregnancy With Jay Sebring, Her Dear Friend. Just Days Later, They Would Both Be Brutally Murdered By "The Manson Family."

Front Of Home At 10050 Cielo Drive

***Anniversary With Murder*** - Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Horrific "Manson Family" Murders!

CrimeShots © cares about victims. Oftentimes, after a murder is committed, the killer is arrested and all the attention suddenly focuses solely on him/her. The victim is soon forgotten. Most of us know the names of many notorious killers, however, it is quite likely that we could name only a very few of their victims. To forget them is heartbreaking, especially for their families.

--May We ALL Remember The Victims ALWAYS--


--May They All Rest In Peace, FOREVER-

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