JonBenét Patricia Ramsey, Age 6

1990 - 1996

*Eight Year Old Murder Of Child Beauty Queen Remains Unsolved*

The JonBenét Ramsey case is one of the most famous murder mysteries in the world, ranked second only to "Jack The Ripper." Although she has been dead since December 25, 1996, until only recently her face was frequently splattered across television screens, magazines and tabloids around the country and even abroad. Several forums and chat rooms were set up specifically to discuss this incredibly baffling case.

Everywhere you looked, it seemed, there was the precocious little girl posing and dancing in pageant gowns, swim wear, cowgirl outfits and even Vegas showgirl costumes. She appeared to be so full of life and energy, though sadly the little six year old kindergartener had been brutally murdered on Christmas night in her own home. In death, JonBenét, the little girl with the unusual "French" name, ironically would be far more well known than she likely would have ever been in life, even had she become Miss America, which was her mother Patsy's ultimate dream and aspiration for her talented young daughter.

The news of the Christmas night murder of JonBenét and the film clips from her beauty pageants spread like wildfire, and were aired on every television station in the nation. Her "fairy tale" life captured the interest of the public and put the town of Boulder, Colorado under the spotlight. This shocking story was great fodder for the media as they focused on the brief and unusual life of this little girl, her violent death and the devastating aftermath. Some people believe that politics also may have played a large part in the outcome of this seriously bungled investigation. Police errors and corruption topped the list, much to the embarrassment of the popular college town's officials. Rumors and innuendoes had taken on a life of their own in the strange world in which this little girl had lived.

Investigators made many mistakes early on in the case. Interviewing the parents was virtually impossible, as the Ramseys seemed uninterested in speaking with the Boulder, Colorado Police Department about the hours just before and just after the time their daughter was murdered. Each time there was thought to be an upcoming interview with them, John and Patsy Ramsey would always set forth their own pre-interview terms and conditions that limited detectives from asking pertinent questions about the case and the terms could not be agreed upon. Attorneys had been retained for everyone, including John's former wife, Lucinda, his two older children from his first marriage and even for young Burke, who was only nine years old.

John and Patsy have long remained under an "umbrella of suspicion," even though a new look at the evidence in 2003 by the new Boulder district attorney, Mary Keenan, who took office two and a half years ago, wiped the slate clean, and began to re-examine the entire Ramsey case piece by piece. She stated that she was prompted to believe "an unknown intruder was most likely JonBenét's killer."

We don't know how this tragic true story ends, because JonBenét 's killer/s has yet to be brought to justice, but people across the nation are still awaiting closure for this little Angel.

Some Facts About One of the Most Bizarre and Puzzling Cases of the Nineties

The Murder

Shortly after 1 pm on December 26, 1996, Detective Linda Arndt asked John Ramsey and his friend, Fleet White to perform another search of the premises. John Ramsey headed straight downstairs and had only been searching less than five minutes when he found JonBenét's body on the floor of a small room called "the wine cellar."

Her mouth was covered with duct tape. Her wrists were tied and her arms raised above her head. She appeared to be in a state of full rigor mortis. A noose-like garrote made with a thin rope and one of Patsy's paintbrushes was found tightly bound around her badly bruised neck. There were no outer physical indications, but later, during the autopsy the medical examiner discovered an 8 inch long fissure where her skull had been crushed.

While in the "wine cellar" John ripped the tape off of JonBenét 's mouth and attempted to remove the rope which was loosely binding her wrists, then carried her body upstairs. Linda Arndt, the only officer present when JonBenét's body was found, later moved the body to the base of the Christmas tree. Crucial evidence was possibly lost or tainted due to all of the touching and moving of the body.

After JonBenét's body was discovered, the family was then asked to leave the home, as it was now declared a crime scene. The Boulder police offered to put the Ramseys in a hotel, but they refused and decided to go to the home of a friend. The Boulder County Coroner arrived at the Ramsey home around 8 pm where he remained approximately 30 minutes.

A brief examination of the body disclosed a ligature around the neck and a ligature around the right wrist. Also noted was a small area of abrasion or contusion below the right ear on the lateral aspect of the right cheek. A prominent dried abrasion was present on the lower left neck.

The Boulder police department rejected an offer of help from Denver police, a police department with far more experience investigating homicides. The FBI was also contacted, however, after her body was discovered, they discontinued their investigation.

Despite law enforcement's attempts to hold JonBenét's body "hostage" in order to force her parents to cooperate with police in Boulder, John and Pasty obtained permission to fly her body to Marietta, Georgia, where she was buried under the watchful eye of police and the media.

The appearance of videos of JonBenét performing in her various beauty pageants fed the public's hunger for information about her murder. In the videos, she was heavily made up, and she dressed and danced provocatively.

Many people were shocked to see a six-year-old parading around on stage like a tiny Vegas showgirl in outfits costing several hundred dollars each.

JonBenét 's autopsy report revealed that she had been sexually assaulted before her death and that she exhibited signs of prior abuse.

John and Patsy offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of their daughter's killer.

 Investigators could not find anyone who matched the DNA found under the fingernails of JonBenét 's corpse. Nor could they trace fibers found at the scene. This was later disputed as further testing revealed that these pieces of evidence, in fact, did belong to Ramsey family members.

In 1997, the Ramseys moved back to Georgia without ever having been interviewed by the Boulder police under law enforcement's conditions or to their satisfaction. Finally, John and Patsy Ramsey were separately interviewed for three days on June 23, 24, and 25, 1998. Very little new information was gleaned, and there were certainly no "smoking guns."

In April 2003, a new district attorney issued a statement that a review of the evidence indicated that JonBenét was probably murdered by an intruder, instead of her parents.

 The case remains unsolved and the Ramseys reportedly remain uncooperative.


Occupation: Child Beauty Pageant Contestant
Claims to Fame: Her Christmas night murder remains an unsolved mystery


Father: John Bennet Ramsey, executive at a computer services firm
Mother: Patsy Ramsey, stay-at-home mom and former beauty queen
Brother: Burke Ramsey, nine year old brother. Half brother: John Andrew Ramsey and Half Sister: Melinda Ramsey

Little Miss Colorado
National Tiny Miss Beauty
Little Miss Christmas

Such A Beautiful Little Angel, Such A Terrible Tragedy!

What a bizarre outfit for a six-year-old!

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